Check My Browser

The following table lists some of the attributes of your browser that we can determine:

Your Browser's Capabilities
Supports Javascript
Cookies Enabled
Supports Javscript Cookies
Supports CSS   Ooops, no it doesn't
Screen Size
Supports VBScript [Internet Explorer Only]
Supports ActiveX [Internet Explorer Only]
Slip Printer ActiveX Installed [Internet Explorer Only]


Your browser must support Javascript, and your browser settings must have Javascript in HTML pages enabled. Javascript is the common scripting language of the web and most browsers support it.


Cookies are tiny bits of data saved on your computer, so that next time you visit a web site it can remember bits of information about you. RevNet uses temporary (session) cookies to know when you are logged in to RevNet. RevNet also uses a cookie to store the location of your slip printer (if you have one). Ensure your browser has cookies enabled. If you are using the slip printer, then also ensure that it allows Javascript to store and save cookies.

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a way of customising the look and feel of a web page. Some browsers don't support CSS, and some don't display it properly.

Screen Size

The resolution of your monitor will affect how much of RevNet you can see on the screen. We've assumed that most people will be using a screen size of 800 by 600 or greater. If your screen size is less than this (eg. 640 x 480) then you will still be able to use RevNet, but you may see only part of the screen and have to use the scrollbars. We recommend changing to at least 800 x 600. To do this on Windows, go into the Control Panel, then choose Display, and the Settings tab.

ActiveX and VBScript

ActiveX is a Microsoft-proprietary language that is only supported on Microsoft's Internet Explorer running on Windows (Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP) ¹. Similarly, Visual Basic Script is peculiar to Internet Explorer ¹.

ActiveX and VBScript are only used in RevNet to talk to the Slip Printer. If you do not have a slip printer then you will not need ActiveX and VB support.

The entry Supports ActiveX checks whether ActiveX controls that are marked as safe can be run. The next entry Slip Printer ActiveX Installed checks that the special RevNet ActiveX control for slip printing has been downloaded from RevNet and installed on the Windows PC.

The two ActiveX checks above check whether the browser security settings will allow the Slip Printer ActiveX control to run. If both checks fail, or if the first check is OK and the second fails even though you have downloaded and installed the Slip Printer ActiveX control, then you will need to adjust your browser settings. The Slip Printer Setup instructions detail the browser settings required.

¹  It may be possible to host ActiveX and/or VBScript in other browsers via a plugin. This has not been tested on RevNet and is not supported.